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On The Road Again!!

August 24th, 2007 at 06:44 pm

My dad has decided since he has to postpone his annual trip to NJ (when he usually spends a month) the two of us need to take another vacation! (Luckily I have PLENTY of vacation time at work!) He let me decide where our destination is to be and I picked Niagara Falls...yes, I'm honeymooning with my father! Smile As it happens we apparently will also be traveling through all the flood ravaged states too. I want to travel around the Great Lakes, up to Niagara Falls, up to Canada and return to the states at either Michigan or Minnesota. While gone we will pay homage to commercialism at the Mall Of America!

I've been checking out
Text is roadsideamerica.com and Link is
roadsideamerica.com to find all the weird and unusual sites we can visit enroute! Smile

On a financial note, I finally checked my rewards on my debit card and found I had $30 waiting to be deposited into my account so that has been done. I've sold 10+ books on half.com and have another to mail on Monday.

Now that I know what my COLA increase is I upped my ING deposits. One of those accounts for my trip to Russia next year. The trip is paid for so this is just my spending money account.

My new position at work gives me the opportunity of OT and so far I've put 9 hours. This week I accumulated 2.5. I'm hoping for some next week as that's the last I'll work during this time period. The last 2 weeks on this timesheet will be vacation. (Yes, we have odd time periods at my job. Has to do with law enforcement standards.)