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Thinking ahead...

July 15th, 2007 at 08:23 pm

I will be flying out of Salt Lake City for a trip over Thanksgiving. I purposely scheduled the flights so that I could drive down the day before flying out and return home the day after flying back. The weather and roads in WY can be tricky in November. So anyway, I decided to check on room prices last night to see what was availabe. I found a nice and conveniently located Quality Inn on line for $52.79 a night. I know that a lot of times you can beat the posted rate by calling the motel directly so I did. Imagine my surprise when the best rate I could get direct from the property was $59.99. Needless to say I booked my reservations through the motel's web site. The nice thing is they offer free long term parking, free airport shuttle and a complimentary breakfast.

In the manifesting money department;

I've been diligently putting money away for this trip and to date have $700 saved. Imagine my surprise when I got my credit union statement in the mail and I realized I had accumulated $300+ that I had TOTALLY forgotten about!! It will stay there, quietly earning interest as my new emergency fund. I deposit $50 a month directly from my paycheck so I never miss it...obviously!LOL

I was going through some papers I needed to deal with (file, toss, etc) and came across a $10 Amazon GC that I have no idea as to it's origin. But I'll put it to good use!

Our County Commissioner's have finally decided on our COLA...7%. I'll wait until I get my paycheck at the end of the month to see what that translates to and then decide what to do with this windfall. Actually I shouldn't complain...as a single person I'm exempt from having to pay a percentage of my health benefits. All others have to start ponying up a monthly contribution. Some to the tune of 11% so the COLA doesn't even cover what they have to pay out.

Sold 2 more books through half.com, so that money will go to the $20 challenge when it's deposited into my account.

This weekend ended up being a no spend time as I never left my house. It felt good not having to be anywhere!