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March 31st, 2007 at 10:47 am

Obviously I forgot all about this blog and this challenge!! So, I sat down today and counted the change I'd put in my jar in the few weeks and came up with $42.27. That is now my starting balance for this year. The rest of the change apparently went into my mass change bottles so I don't have a count on it. But I do save change religiously!

This year my goal is to save $250 a month towards a trip I want to give myself for my 50th birthday next year. I know should be able to do this painlessly.

I did increase my ING direct deposit to $25 a month last year and I'd like to make it a little more this year. It's nice that it's in an account that I can't access easily so it stays there! lol

My goal is to make this year a year of no needless spending. I have way too much stuff already and I don't need to be constantly adding to it. I would like to be able to say all I've bought this year is necessities...we'll see how that goes.

Thursday and Friday were no spend days and it looks like today will be too! woo-hoo!